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龙8国际下载链接 Lumiprobe

  • 品牌国家:美国
  • 代理区域:中国
  • 代理授权证书:

    Since 2006, 龙8国际下载链接 Lumiprobe manufacture and sell advanced chemicals for life science research, and diagnostics. Our catalog includes fluorescent dyes, phosphoramidites for oligonucleotide synthesis, Click chemicals, and other reagents. Most of the items are kept in stock, and ready for immediate shipping to worldwide locations.

    Quick turnaround time, stock availability, and flexible return/refund policy makes ordering quick, fun, and riskless. Wherever you are, it usually takes no more than a week to receive your order. Overnight or next day shipping is available in some locations.

    With our quick and qualified technical support, our customers will never be left alone facing technical difficulties. Please feel free to contact us to get additional information, and free advice.

龙8国际下载链接 Lumiprobe offer special conditions for bulk and custom orders. Please inquire if you have any special needs.

龙8国际下载链接 Lumiprobe为美国的荧光龙8国际下载链接公司,自2006年我们就开始生产销售生命科学研究及诊断用具有前瞻性的活性龙8国际电子平台。主要产品有:活性染料(Reactive Dye)和SYBR Green I 染料,订制合成荧光双标记引物,寡核苷酸合成用亚磷酰胺。产品主要应用:点击化学(Click Chemistry)、蛋白质组学研究中的双向荧光差异凝胶电泳(2D DIGE)和实时荧光定量PCR(Realtime PCR)。HyperCyte将与龙8国际下载链接 Lumiprobe密切合作,为国内学者提供更好、更优质的荧光相关产品。

龙8国际下载链接 Lumiprobe Reactive dyes

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E-mail: info@hypercyte.com